How to deal with my 3,5 years old who is NOT listenning and sharing at the nursery?

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Hi My 3,5 years old little boy has been having some temper tantrums at the nursery. The teacher told me he doesnt share and therefore "has no freinds", that the teacher in preschool is not sure what to do with him.....

We have just moved from London to Inverness 3months ago, I am at the university and my son started nursery for the first time in his life is away from me.. i feel so guilty to leave him there but i am studying to make a better life for my kids(got 6years old littlle girl too)... my husband is away twice a month in london for work...but when home hes hands on and nice fun loving daddy with the children...

I am so fed up with the nursery making my son sound like a realy difficult child or as they say"RUDE"..rude because he doesnt want to share or he wont listen.. he is really placid boy, who loves reading and playing alone... i love himand understand he is going through emotional changes but certainly not a " difficult child- far from it"...what you guys advice?

Bear in mind we all have been through lots... my father died a year ago my husbands mother this year we moved house and country and sold our flat .. my mother been through heart op recently and the uni is just very hard and intensive ... i wonder how best to resolve this so he and my girl have more of mummy less of others around ...


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Hi I would look for another preschool. For a teacher to not have the abillities to deal with this sort of behaviour is shocking. As this is a natural behaviour for any child your sons age. I have 7 children so i know.

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