How to get a 2yr old 2 go 2 sleep?

Cheryl - posted on 07/04/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I moved into my new home 9mnths ago and ever since moving i haven't been able to get my 2yr old back into a rountine.Nothing i try will settle her.She refuses to go upstairs and screams that much she makes herself sick if i do take her up.Please help!!!


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Tabitha - posted on 07/05/2009




i have four kids they are 1 2 3 and 8 weeks my two oldst started to play up at bed time so i stop their nap in the day and played with them at nap time! now they go to bed 7 and get up at 7 and only my two little ones nap its worth a try worked for me good luck x x

Lisa - posted on 07/05/2009




i do the same for my 2 girls aged 2 and 10 months i put a film on to distract em for nap time and bed time, my eldest does have tantrums coz like u say she dont wanna miss out on anything as she seems t think she dont need sleep. but i just let her cry and after so long i will go upstairs and tell her thats enough calm down an go t sleep an eventually she does. i wud try the movie x

Kristen - posted on 07/05/2009




Can she tell you why she doesn't want to? Maybe there is a tree that makes noise in the wind or other noises that the old house didnt make. Something may be making her uncomfortable and you should start by figuring it out. Our son didnt want to sleep in his bed for a while, and we got him back into it by making a big deal out of it being HIS bed, "Its all yours! Its your big boy bed!". Either help her make or let her buy some things to decorate her room with, and spend as much time as you can in her room with her during the day. Though I have resorted to bribes and videos a few times, I dont recommend it because it can cause problems later on, its just a temporary solution to an underlying problem.

Samantha - posted on 07/04/2009




I also put a movie in for my 19 month old and 3 year old. It helps keep them in bed for their naps and at bedtime.

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My son is going through the same thing with naps. I think it's just the phase where the 2 year old wants to stay up all day long. I usually put in a movie in my son's bedroom during his "naptime" while I'm doing stuff around the house. If your daughter goes to bed but no naps, I think you should put a movie in to distract her and keep her occupied in her crib if you have other things to take care of around the house. It works for me. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hannah - posted on 07/04/2009




She'll get used to it eventually, i have a two year also, he doesnt have a problem going to bed at night but its the nap times i have peoblems with, he's made himself sick so many times by how much he cries. the way i deal with it is to let him cry. if he gets sick i clean it up then tell him its time to sleep. i sometimes will try and bribe him to sleep, telling him, if you go to sleep i'll let you have candy when you wake up or something like, dont know if this will help, but thats what i do.

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