How to get a 4 year-old off dummies & bottles?

Leigh - posted on 03/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 4 next month, she has always been fond of her dummy & bottle. She has a bottle before bed at night and sometimes requests one in the middle of the night. Sucking her dummy almost all the time, talking with it in her mouth etc. When she was newly 3 i decided to start weaning her off of theses but we had a very big upheaval in our lives so i decided to allow her comfort habits. However, the time has come that she is settled enough and i'm looking for tips and ideas on how to get her confident in not needing her dummy or bottle.

She has sippy-cups, 'juice bottles' and other drinking cups to use but demands her bottle at night. And her attachment to her dummy is alarming as it has increased over the past year, to the point of seeing her anxiety and stress when without her dummy. I wouldn't be too worried but i am noticing a shift in her teeth shape, and we've only ever used Nuk Dummies...

Any tips will be so appreciated xx


Sarah - posted on 03/13/2013




I would throw the bottles away. At four I would actually be working on drinking for a cup and not using the sippy either. Long term use of a sippy can also affect the teeth.

For the dummy I would first start by taking it away first thing in the morning and not allowing her to have it until bedtime. Then once you have the daytime out start with taking it away at night....throw it away also. If it is not in the house you can't give in and give it to her.

There is going to be some crying, tantrums, whinning. This has become a habit and most kids don't like it when you change the habit. The crying, tantrums, whinning does stop BUT you have to be strong and NOT give in. The moment you give in you have just created a BIGGER battle.

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