how to get him to sleep on his own....

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I did a big no no and actually let my son sleep in bed with me! Now I have a new job and need a good nights rest! My son is 3 1/2 months old! What steps should i take to get him to sleep on his own in his crib!? I need help and any advice would be great!


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Jacqueline - posted on 08/17/2009




Thank you everyone for all the advice! all of it was very helpful!!! I'll try to start all this on Wednesday since i'll be off for 3 days! Thanks again!

Loni - posted on 08/17/2009




I agree with Stephanie, she has many excellent points, also, YES, it will get better! Try to stick to somewhat of a routine every night. Especially with the time you put him down. Also my daughter slept better and for longer as soon as I put her to bed in her crib (at 3 1/2 months). I think its cuz I was no longer in smelling distance and she could sink into a deeper sleep.

I found that even if my daughter is wide awake after breastfeeding and rocking, I turn out all the lights and hum a tune, so she knows I mean business. For a while she would always cry as soon as I left the room, which was heartbreaking, but I stuck to my guns and waited 10 min, and if she was still crying I'd go in, not pick her up and just rub her belly or back and offer her soother. Then I'd try it over and over again. At first I had to do this 4-5 times, but eventually she realized that I didnt totally dissapear into thin air and then didnt even bother crying and just put herself to sleep. Once in a while she still cries, but its very short lived. Also i think it helps that now she associates her crib with sleepy time.

This is just my experience, different strokes for different folks!

I think that getting your baby to sleep through the night in his/her crib one of the most hardest things to do, but once you succeed, its a wonderful feeling. Just don't give up, be consistent and know that you are definitely not alone.

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when our son was 3 months old we started to teach him how to fall alseep on his own and soothe himself we did it useing the ferber method and it is fast and pretty easy its of course hard the first day but i ALWAYS suggest it to everyone who has sleeping problems your son is the perfect age even if up until now he has been sleeping with you i think its better now then never or later on it time get him in his own room and if you would like to message me either privately or on my comments i can explan how to do the ferber method if you dont want to serch for it online cuz there are a few different places that have it but some idk i guess just dont seem to explan it the same way as i read it but id be glad to help explan it if you want a mothers way or something

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Wish I could help even when I was working I let my son sleep in bed with me because I breastfed him. I didnt start getting him to sleep on his own in his own bed till he was almost 2 years old. I used the cry it out method because of his age though. The only reason I wanted him in his own bed was because I had moved on to a new love and my bed wasnt big enough for the 3 of us. hehe.

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my daughter and i have a routine every night.. she is 3 months old.. around 7 i give her a warm bath with the lavender soap, then i give her a massage with the lavender lotion and she gets a warm bottle of breastmilk or formula, i then lay her in her crib and within 5 mins she is out and doesnt wake till 7 or 8 in the morning! :) its been like this since she was 3 weeks old...

Stephanie - posted on 08/17/2009




the best way, (in my opinion) is just do it. It's hard, but only on you. Do your regular bedtime routine but put him in his bed. Walk away. If you don't feed him to sleep or soother him to sleep, than yea, he's gonna cry, but it won't be long. I promise. If you feel the need, go in a give him the soother, but don't pick him up, don't turn on the light, if possible, don't touch him. (I know it's hard) and walk away.

I just did this with my 8 month old last week. The first night is the hardest, but I promise it gets better!! it took my daughter 3 nights, and now she is sleeping sound in her bed through the night (she sometimes wakes and coos a little, but I keep the doors closed and a fan going so i can't really hear her.)

He is safe in his crib :) he cannot hurt himself, and at his age, it will be a snap. :D

don't ease your way, cause you may end up with other habits like, (urgh) sitting there waiting for him to fall asleep, and trying to creep out when you think he is only for him to wake up screaming... my no no with my first.

You're doing a great job!!

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