how to get your 3 year old to stay in his bed?


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Abby - posted on 06/13/2009




i agree with some of the ladies, my god son had slept in his mum's bed for ages, and then she wanted to stop it, so i went to hers and everytime he got out of bed i went back and put him in his bed and everytime i left it a bit longer, before i went in. i did it cos i was slightly detached from the situation and his mum prob wouldve given in as she was suffereing pnd! he did everything from throwing things around the room, smashing his bottle etc but that was the first night he slept in his bed! and has been good ever since

Pamela - posted on 06/13/2009




Routine - have one and stick to it and everytime he get's up put him back to bed and do it everytime they will get it can take some time but stick to it and it will work and everytime he stay's in his bed all night praise him with his chioce of breakfast or do something together that he enjoys

Cassy - posted on 06/12/2009




Have you tried reading a good night book to him? There are a bunch at your local library that help with this. My favorite talks about the good night routines. If you stick with the rountine he will follow it too!

Miranda - posted on 06/12/2009




I agree. If he makes it thru/over the gate, say nothing but pick him up and set him back in bed. He's looking for your attention...good or bad. So by you ignoring him, he's not getting the response that he wants and will stop. Also, LOTS of praise on the mornings he stayed in bed.

Katrina - posted on 06/12/2009




I had the same problem with my 4yr old, my partner sat on a chair outside her room and every time she steped out she would get in trouble, he pretty much stayed up all nite and keep sending her back to bed. It took us about a week to stop her from getting in our bed finally after 3 yrs. let no how you go:)

[deleted account]

I agree, don't reinforce bad behavior by giving him attention (showing frustration, scolding, etc). To a child, negative attention from the parents is just as good as any attention. Ignore him, bring him to his bed, tuck him in a leave.

[deleted account]

Get a baby gate and put it in the door to his room... and NO MATTER WHAT just stay away and ignore him...he will fall asleep on the floor of his room the first few times, then he'll just give up and not do it any more.

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