how to learn my little angel (9m) to start to drink from bottle or cup she like just breast !


Breanne - posted on 09/02/2009




Unfortunately, it may be a long process. Start by cutting out the second feeding of the day. Offer her a bottle or cup instead. Don't get too distressed if she doesn't take it, but don't give her the breast. Do this for about a week, or until she starts to accept the bottle/cup at that time of the day. Keep doing this with all feedings spread over a few weeks as needed, keeping the morning and bedtime feedings for last. She may decide on her own to do away with those when she's ready.

My daughter didn't learn to drink from a cup until she was 18mos, she would breastfeed exclusively. It drove me crazy, but I was young and didn't have the patience for the above method. I finally had to have my mother take her for a weekend without me in the house, and my mother gave her nothing but cups. By the time I came home, she could drink out of a glass by herself.


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Chantel - posted on 09/03/2009




I breastfed for a year. My little one got put on a cup by starting out w/juice in the cup or my expressed milk and putting it in the cup. Also I started out on a cup with a soft nipple. The no mommy method does seem to work too. If u have someone who give the cup of breastmilk instead of u b/c babies can smell the milk on u.

Yasmina - posted on 09/02/2009




thks Breanne i will try again this procedure ,a was try before couple of day , but she was cryyyy and screemmm "mamaaaa" and she always play whit the bottle tommy or cup she dont like to start to suck from there , i will be obstinacy next time and i will continue
thanks again for your advice

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