how to manage both my baby and my work?any suggestions! !

Saleha - posted on 07/23/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I m planning to work when my baby turn 1 year old. ..but I m bit worried about how to manage everything. ..


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D - posted on 08/08/2014




If you have your babies father in the picture that should help you out. If you have family, that will work out as well. It seems like you wont know how to manage, but you will get into a routine, trust me! My daughter's father and I just separated, and thank goodness I have my family to help me! Of course we get home, she watches cartoons, I cook and clean at the same time. When I put her down for bed at 8pm, I clean up the mess she makes. My mother watches my daughter so she usually comes home bathed. I work an 8-5 monday thru friday job. Weekends I usually do the mopping and sweeping up. It will be hard at first but trust me, we as mommies have it in us! Laundry is done once or twice a week, if I cant do it during the week, I do it on the weekends. You will be fine, no need to worry. Since you are waiting until your baby turns one it will be better because hopefully by that time, baby will be on a decent sleeping schedule :) good luck!

Marlene - posted on 07/23/2014




Unfortunatley this is a challenge for many parents. For some more so than others. It really depends on what type of work you do and what your working hours are like. When you are at home, make every minute count. Plan your days off and even your time off on work days accordingly so u can get quality time with your family. If you could be more specific on what your job and working hours are like perhaps i can be of more assistance :)

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