How wet is a "wet nappy"?

Sara - posted on 12/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 3 months old. I usually just change him after every 4-5 hours but his pampers are never reslly heavy. They feel really light. I guess he only pees once in them or something. Is that enough? How do I lnow?


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I change my sons diaper as soon as I notice or he tells me. Hes 22 mo and I change him probably every 3 or so hrs. Sometimes longer than that. Ever since birth if I noticed he peed a little I would change it. I am not a fan of letting a diaper getting heavy and full.I do know of people letting it be saggy full to save diapers, but that is not for me. Mine got rashes really easy anyway and I just dont like the thought of him havin pee on him. I know when mine was that little he peed about every hour.
I think as long as you dont let the diaper go to where its seepin, tearin, or super saggy, and keep him dry enough from gettin rashes your changin your baby plenty enough. As long as they are putting out the fluids, and they are clean, thats whats really important, lol

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