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My husband and I had our share of problems in the past 5 years we have been married and we decided to try and have another baby and now I am 7 weeks prego again and he's back to his old ways like talking down to me,telling me I'm an idiot and of course I say things back to him cause I wanna stick up for myself! We both cheated on each other he cheated on me when we were together and I left and lived with my mom and I met someone else in that time frame we were only separated for a month and I moved back in and of course stupid me I kept talking I he other guy and lost my husbands trust and now my husband keeps telling me the baby isn't his when I know 100%. It is his cause I did not sleep with anyone else in the 5. Years we were married I just kissed someone else. We did counseling but that didn't seem to help as soon as we would leave counseling he would be back to his old self! Now this morning he flipped out cause his clothes we wrinkled and started having a breakdown about everything and anything! He keeps telling me I'm still cheating on him and I'm not I stay at home go to work and that's pretty much all when I do go out it's with him or my family or his family! I don't know what to do anymore I'm so lost at what to do with his attitude! PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm losing my mind!! Hopefully u can understand this I am so upset and kinda just rambling! Also I cheated once and he did it numerous times


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Toni - posted on 11/24/2013




So sorry to hear about this, sounds like a toxic relationship sweety. Maybe it's time just ti break free of him. Because from the sounds of it. It sounds like he is mentally abusing you. an you don't need that being pregagnt or have that happening in general.

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