i am 13 weeks 3 days and i have a feeling that something isnt right, is this normal or is this me over thinking?


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Christa - posted on 09/05/2012




Thank you so much Jen! I have had an ultra sound and my doctor said everything was fine I think I'm just reading way to many "what ifs" I thought reading all the different books and what could go wrongs that I have scared myself!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your response it really helped!!!

Jen - posted on 09/05/2012




Unfortunately, mother's instinct is often correct. Fortunately, we also often worry when we don't need to (especially when we are carrying such precious cargo!) Have you had an ultrasound yet? If not, are you scheduled for one?

This could be a legitimate feeling, or it could be you over-thinking and worrying because there is much truth to the risk of miscarriage and problems in the first trimester, and most of us moms know that and some of us don't feel entirely "safe" in the pregnancy until we are 14-15 weeks pregnant. If you haven't had an ultrasound, getting one done would answer your question almost certainly, and if everything is fine it will ease your mind and set you up for smooth sailing in your pregnancy.

Good luck! I had two miscarried children before a successful pregnancy, and I did not suspect a problem the 2nd time, had no clue I was even pregnant the first time, but I will tell you that I was constantly convinced for about the first 3 months of my pregnancy with the twins that I was going to lose them or that something was wrong. Point here is this: there is a LOT to be said for psyching ourselves out! Don't worry until you have a solid reason to! :)

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