I am 34 weeks pregnant (27 years)

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I am 34 weeks pregnant and all im wondering about is .. If I will be a good mom ? Will I know what to do when baby arrives.
I'm a lil panicky about pushing / labor all together ..how to recognize it ect ect?
Is this normal I'ma bit shy aswell and wondering if this will affect me during that big moment.
I live in St.Maarten and we dont have all the nice facilties with options (water birth, special birthing rooms ect)
How can I maintain my sanity?


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Hi Zhaira.

I had exactly the same fear.But when that moment arrives i promise you,you'll know exactly what to do.Instinct just takes over.Trust me you will know when ur in labor and exactly when to push,you just get a kinda urge lol sounds funny...but you will know what i'm talking about.I did however have all the fancy facilities available,had a birthing plan and all but believe me i didn't use a single thing!I think that the number one main thing that got me prepared for the big day was putting my mind at ease by focusing and controlling myself,i;m sure if i hadn't done that my emotions and fear would have had the better of me.And also the morning when i went into labor i left the house with a open mind,Educated myself with all possabilities,and just told myself you can do it.Two years later i am wanting ../can't wait to have another.The feeling of holding ur new born baby for the first time is an uxplainable feeling!Good luck and i wish you well.

Ibtishaam samsodien

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I have had the same worries as I am expecting my first. A real close friend of my hubby and I once told me that, "being a good mother just comes natural whether you like it or not."

I have an 8 year old step son, so I've been able to get some mommy practice with him and have worked in day care with infants for a few years. It isn't the same as when I have my baby boy, MJ.

I am also starting to panic about labor. Yesterday was my 37 week (37 wks 4 days) check up. Bathroom, weight, blood pressure, listened to heart beat, and was measured. Then doc said if MJ doesn't come out on his own by next Wednesday (September 30) he is going to induce me on October 2. I am so excited for the arrival of our son, but also nervous of the whole labor process.

My best friend said all these mixed feelings are normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Best of luck and congrats!

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