I am 41 years old could I have another child?

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I am 41 years old and my first child is 13 years old...I had him when I was 27 years old...Now my husband and I want to have a second...Would there be complications for baby and me if I do???


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From what I understand, having a baby after age 40 does have some more risks than when you're younger however it has a lot to do with how healthy you are in general. If you are in very good health you may have less complications than someone in their 20s who has lots of medical issues. According to http://voices.yahoo.com/the-risks-having...

"The most common problem that mothers over 40 have during pregnancy is the possibility of chromosomal malformations such as downs syndrome. A mother who is in her twenties has a one in 1,500 chance of having a baby with a condition such as downs syndrome. However, in a mother who is over 40 years of age this risk is higher. The potential of a mother over 40 having a baby is raised to one out of every 50, which is a high number considering just 10 or 20 years earlier, the risk was rather low."

I guess this is something you have to consider when making your decision. My personal opinion is that if you really have a desire for another child go for it! I'm sure your OB would monitor you closely to intervene early if they suspect there is something wrong. The love of a child cannot be replaced with anything else in life and I wouldn't want to live my whole life regret not trying for another. I wish you luck!

I am an RN and a mom.

Ashlea - posted on 10/29/2012




It may or it may not. But, yes you can have another child. My co worker is 40 and about to give birth the 7th of November.

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