I am having a hard time keeping my 5 year old attention long enough to teach her the alphabet. Any suggestions?


User - posted on 03/11/2009




she may have ADHD. My son has it. Talk with your doctor. she/he may give you some suggestions. We have tried everything before medication. they didn't work. The meds that he is on are awesome. low dose  and he is still himself. He has done much much better in school. All I can say is good luck.

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Susan - posted on 04/03/2013




I have decided to take advantage of the language our kids like to use and apply it to how they learn. I have created ABC flashcards that have just the right amount of gross mixed with a ton of funny. They use our children's natural sense of humor to make learning fun. You can get them now for a discounted rate on Kickstarter at http://kck.st/14TWeb0 for another 8 days or after that you can get them at he-is-all-boy.com.

Liana - posted on 03/11/2009




I'm from the uk and the school my son is in has taught him the alphabet Phonically so that he is able to sound out the letters of words which leads him to reading and he is really good.  They started slowly by teaching just one letter a day, which they would let us know and we would try to come up with as many things as possible that started with that letter.

Later as each letter had been learned they moved on to the sounds of letters when put together such as th, ch, oo and so on and the children copy out the sounds letters making the sounds as they go and again at home we come up with examples of words with those sounds in.  My son has been reading the stage 2 floppy's phonics books by himself.

It is more important for kids to learn at their own pace and to learn letter sounds before letter names.  If you try to do it all at once they will loose interest one letter sound a day is enough if you try to teach letter names first your child will struggle when it comes to reading.  I hope this has helped.

Trish - posted on 03/11/2009




you need to make it fun, my little girl's 5 and a half and to be honest she seems to learn loads at school and now knows all the alphabet and is reading and writing reasonably well. dunno how but at school she sits down and does what she's told is no way she'd sit down with me long enough to do much like that she's so hyperactive at home but loads calmer at school think it's cos there's not as much to distract them at school.

have you tried useing flash cards with the alphabet on I had some for my daughter I'd hold them up and see if she could tell me what letter it was if she got it right then I'd give her the card and if not I'd keep it and every time we did it I'd see if she could get more cards than the previouse time.

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my little one is 4 1/2 and has the same problem ... he seems to like the car CD's that comes with books we got it at Wal-Mart for 11.00$ it was lightening McQueen. HE hates to do flash cards i guess it’s too much like work. I try to remind him he will be in kindergarten in the fall and will be a big boy so we need to learn this stuff. LOL

Sarah - posted on 03/10/2009




Make it fun, try songs, showing her the letters in her name is a good way to teach the aplhabet

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Make a game out of it, so it's fun and she thinks she's playing.  Here are some ideas I used with my boys:

1) Go to a craft store or a curriculum store (www.lakeshorelearning.com) and find a full alphabet of letters.  At breakfast each morning post a new letter on the wall and talk about things that start with that letter.  Then all day long point out things that start with the "letter of the day" (or you could do a letter of the week, if you find that daily is too fast for the letter to sink in)

2) make up funny songs about the alphabet.  go to the library and find a bunch of children's music that has different songs about the alphabet (you might need to ask the librarian to help with this one)

3) sing the alphabet song 2 times all the way through when your child washes their hands (this is a great way to make sure they wash long enough too!)

4) coloring books with alphabet letters in them are great!  sesame street has a bunch.

5) go to the grocery store (or any store) and point out letters that you see, or things that start with a specific letter (see the letter of the day suggestion)

Have fun!  Don't make it a chore, she'll pick up on the stressful feelings and it will discourage her from learning.  Good Luck!

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Quoting Brittney:

I am having a hard time keeping my 5 year old attention long enough to teach her the alphabet. Any suggestions?

Leap frog makes a great product. Its a whole bunch of magnets for your fridge. The fun part however is the large magnet that comes with it. It has a speaker that when you push the button sings the ABCs...also, each of the letter magnets fits in a slot on the large magnet and it sings a song about each letter and what sound each letter makes. My son loves it.

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You really need to make it fun and not work. While you are doing chores around the house try singing the alphabet with her. Let her sing the way she wants and just repeat it over and over again. Watching programs that help to teach the alphabet is also a good way to get her into. But don't push her, she will learn when she is ready. It is actually really amazing what our children do know that we think they don't. She may know more then you think, but doesn't feel comfortable enough to let you know about it. My son (who is now 7) use to not say the alphabet for his teacher, but with me he would be all in to saying the alphabet. It maybe too much pressure for her. Just remember patience.

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I bought work books and coloring books, this way it was fun to color and learn the letters at the same time. My daughters 3 and can write her full name and its not easy, im 26 and sometimes spell her name wrong.

Jennifer - posted on 03/10/2009




We bought moves and games to play to help keep the attention ...then she wont realize that you are doing the same thing just in a different way...

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