I am looking for 30 min recipes

Amy - posted on 10/06/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My husband comes home from work and wants 30min to prepare supper. I am not a good cook so I thought I would post it on here to see some recipes or if you can give me some websites, we would be cooking for 3. 2 adults and 1 child.

I find it frustrating that these things are hard to find, or 5 ingredient recipes.

I am starting to think c rockpot, but he doesn't like chicken, or pork, so that leaves beef beef and more beef

Suggestions welcome


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Kathleen - posted on 10/08/2011




Check out Rachel Ray's recipes 30m meals. I've gotten good ideas from that. Also some of her week in a day meals. As they are prepared ahead of time like on a day off and then popped in the oven when needed. sometimes Parenting.com or is it parents.com they have decent recipes.

Kristy - posted on 10/08/2011




Spaghetti, just boil the pasta add the sauce and if needed some browned mince and onions. My take on carbonara pasta is i boil the pasta in a saucepan, chop up two onions, 3 mushrooms and add 350grams of diced bacon with the onion and mushroom in the frypan, brown them and then add a jar of cream and cheese pasta sauce to it. When the onion, mushrooma nd bacon is cooking i also add 2 tablespoons of crushed garlic. takes a half hour and the whole family loves it. I love the slow cooker as i can put ingredients in it in the daytime and come tea time it is ready. Only need 4 ingredients and its always yummy. I bought a cheap slow cooker recipe book from the 2 dollar shopand it has excellent recipes in it.

User - posted on 10/07/2011




Tuna melts can of big crescent rolls big can of tuna mayo and shredded cheese. Lay out rolls mix tuna cheese and a little mayo put a spoonful in each roll fold dough over and seal edges bake 350 degrees for 8 to ten minutes quick and easy my family loves them

Dana - posted on 10/07/2011




My best advice can be baked pasta! It's easy, cheap, and delicious! My boyfriend loves alfredo sauce, so I buy a jar of it, pour it over pasta noodles in an oven safe pan with mushrooms and broccoli mixed in and bake it for about 20 minutes. You can use red sauce too and make meatballs with it. I make my meatballs by using ground beef, bread crumbs, eggs, and some seasonings (garlic powder, onion powder, and italian seasoning). I also cut up green peppers and onions and mix it into the meatballs. They are delicious and only take about 10 prep time and about 8 minutes to cook!

Another thought that comes to mind is a stir-fry. My boyfriend is also a huge beef fan so I cut the beef into chunks or strips and use a terayki sauce or soy sauce with lots of veggies! We use whatever is in the fridge, mushrooms, broccoli, onion, green beans, hot peppers, etc. I then make some steamed white rice and its an amazing, healthy meal!

Hope you like the recipes. If not, check out http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/everyday-c...

I find easy, affordable and delicious recipes on this site all of the time! :)

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