I cant get my 8 yr old to quit wetting at night. Ive done everything!

Cindy - posted on 07/24/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I cant get my 8 yr old to quit wetting at night. Ive done evreything. Ive whipped him, grounded him, bribed him, threatened him, took toys and tv and video games from him. Ive took him to kidney and bladder specialists at Childrens Mercy (1 of the top 10 pediatric hospitals!) Ive had him on pills from his dr. Ive limited drinks. Ive gotten up every hour through the night and he still wets! Any ideas?


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Kylie - posted on 07/25/2009




Maybe it's an emotional problem..perhaps he needs some counseling session to find out the real problem. Bed wetting in older children is often linked to stress and sometimes sexual abuse (not saying this is the case but it may be worth exploring carefully) I'd lay off the punishment and use the dry night kids pants until this issue is sorted out.

Miangelbug - posted on 07/24/2009




My son isn't this age yet but I've heard that you shouldn't yell at your kids for having accidents at night like that. Kids feel embarressed enough that they can't control it or simply didn't wake up. I would avoid discipling him for it and just tell him what he should do. If he needs to go in the middle of the night, make sure he has a night light that makes it easy for him to see to the bathroom. I would offer him two options: "you can wear these nighttime underpants so if you have an accident, it's not that big of a deal OR you can wear your regular underwear and change your sheets and everything in the morning." You might have to buy a plastic fitted sheet to use if he chooses the latter. I would just lay off the discipline for awhile though and help him not feel so embarressed by it. He might just need to out grow it or really just can't control it. When I was younger, I had trouble not wetting myself when I heard any water sounds at all. My bladder eventually got bigger or I got so embarressed by it that I made myself hold it. Just give him time.

Teresa - posted on 07/24/2009




My son is 6 and a half and he has the same problems. I found out that what was happening is his bladder was over extended. because during the day he wasnt going pee enough. Try making him us the bathroom every hour during the day and then at night limited the drinks and having him go pee even if he doesn't think he needs to have him try. within 3 weeks my son wasn't wetting anymore. When they use the bathroom more often it shrinks the bladder back to the normal size making it easier for them to feel when they need to go. Hope this helps

Stephanie - posted on 07/24/2009




I had the same problems as a child. Many "top specialists" said nothing was wrong. I grew out of it when I started my period. The doctors couldn't figure out why. Maybe its something he seriously cant control. Hopefully he will grow out of it when he hits puberty. They do make those new Underpants that are like Pull ups, but for older children. It's a more common problem than people know. Talk to his doctor about Ditropan, its been on the market for a looooong time. It did help me. Try to work with him on it and dont punish him(unless he's doing it on purpose)

Cindy - posted on 07/24/2009




Ive heard of them but they are out of our price range. My sister used one with her daughter and it didnt help at all so that makes me even leerier to try em.!

Ginnie - posted on 07/24/2009




they have alarm system u put in bed that wakes them up if they wet but they aren't cheap i wanted to get them for my sons but can't afford right now

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