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Aubree - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My bank (Huntington National Bank) keeps coming up with ways to charge me insufficient fee funds which start off at $35,00 per charge. I'm really getting sick of it. Every time I go to the bank to talk to them they refuse to do anything about it. They just love taking my money!

I'm constantly checking my account to avoid these charges any way possible and I even keep money in my account at ALL times but I still get these charges. So I've decided this is the last time they're going to take money from me so my question is:

1) What bank do you have?
2) Are they good to you?
3) How much are their insufficient fee fund charges?

Number 3 is the most important question I have. Whatever bank sounds the best to me I'm going to plan on going to. Thank you so much for your help!


Amanda - posted on 09/09/2009




hi... ok the situation with me is about the same just with a different bank. i use bank of america. they are great other than the overdrafts. so i started, which i hated when my check was deposited, i right off the bat withdrew it all. i had it secured safely at home. if your gonna spend it your gonna spend it weather it be by paper or plastic. now for things you have a allotted too, keep that amount in. it really had a lot to do with the charges coming down to nickels and dimes. you go over 1 penny and your getting the $35 charge. this has worked for us for over a year now and haven't had over drafts, which at the end of the year if you go back and add up the amount from all your overdrafts, it makes you wanna throw up... hope this helps some and that it works out for you sooner than later.

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