i dont know what to do i need help :( finally snaped on abusive boyfriend(baby father) and i got charged. Now he is threatening if i dont take him back ..the courts will give him full custdoy is this true?

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My daughters father my recent ex was abusive in every way for almost 3 years ..one of those guys that has a double personailty can be soo charming and manipulating but can also be a monster..almost everyday i was put down or called names ..and was assulted in some way or anther at least a hand full of times ..from beign spit on to my face being grabbed being pushed against a wall..smacked a few times and once i was hit really hard in the mouth/jaw...i know ppl may wounder why the hell it even got to this point or why i stayed with him :( there have been break ups i have kicked him out plenty of times i have left him but came back or let him back ..he used my daughter against me saying i was being selfish and only thinking about myself he has never been abusive or mean to her its just me who he abuses in some way or anther :( he can be two ppl like i said i have been fooled so many times he makes promises like getting therapy and then didnt..anyways im assuming you see the picture here last saturday i caught him looking on craigs list for a mistress i got upset and confronted him and he flipped out an argument started and i kept asking him to leave as our daughter was sleeping . He wouldnt leave and continued to yell at me and call me names i couldnt take it anymore so i grabbed my hair gel off my dresser and throw it in his direction ..i was not trying to cause him harm just wanted the noise to stop . it hit him in the eye brow a small container of hair molding gel it gave him a lil goosebump n bruise i got scared and ran out the door i was shocked it hit him ..he didnt come after me i came back in and heard him on the phone he called the police and they came to my house and arrested me just as my 17 month old daughter was waking up from her nap :( i was horrified and devastated i could not believe after all the things he had put me through and done to me i was the one who ended up in the back of a cop car :( Now he is threatening me if i dont take him back that he will take me to court and win custody ...Im sooo scared iam soo stressed out my daughter is eveyrthing to me this man makes me fear everything ..now c.a.s is comign to my house in a couple days and i have court in 5 weeks ..can he take my daughter from me because i finally stood up to him ? will he win custody because of that? pls help :( i have no idea what to do i need advice ?


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Unfortunatly i dont know how the law works in your country, the only advice i can give you is not to stay with him just because he is threatning you. I wish you good luck and dont let him push you around, using a child as a weapon is a very evil thing to do.

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