I feel like I lost my husband

Kim - posted on 04/16/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I feel like I'm not even married sometimes because he pays more attention to the game on his phone. He chats with people on there rather then his own wife. We also have a 17 month old. I feel like we aren't a family because he goes to work comes home and right to the game he goes .


Ash - posted on 04/22/2014




Hi Kim. That sounds like a really hard situation. Don't be too concerned though- all couples have stages where they struggle in their relationship and it sounds like it wouldn't take too much to make you feel a bit more appreciated in the marriage. If you try to put yourself into his shoes, that will give you a starting point. Perhaps he is feeling this way because he is so exhausted after work and his online/ phone gaming is what helps him to relax and enjoy himself. Perhaps the idea sitting up and talking for hours is just beyond his capability after coming home from work, spending time with bub then possibly waking up to bub crying throughout the night? If you consider these things before addressing the issue with him you can confront him in a way that doesnt leave him feeling attacked and that is open and honest. Dont allow yourself to get to a point of breaking down because he wont respond as well to yelling or crying- he will see it as your being hormonal or irrational. If you can manage to explain how your feeling, but then acknowledge the way you think he might be feeling, explain that you dont want to be one of those wives who run away from their marriages and that requires both parties to be satisfied and if it was him that was unhappy you would want him to tell you so you can work on it rather than let it break the marriage. Also give him an opportunity to tell you, honestly, what he is unhappy with and rather than getting upset about it, take it on board so you can both work towards making each other more happy. I did a video on my youtube channel with my husband on this recently and it might help if you wanted to check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxnXucgG... Im also happy to help with any further advice you might need :) Cheer up buttercup! Things will get better!

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