I got married to my husband a little over a year ago and before we got married I made it perfectly clear to him that my bestfriend of 13 years ended up in prison for 20 years right out of high school and that I would be going to visit him (yes, him) now my husband has a problem with it and does not want to let me go at all. I warned him in the very beginning and I don't see what the big deal is seeing how were sitting across a table and neither one of us can get up from our seats during the visiting and there are also 2 guards in the room. Am I the one being unreasonable or how can I make him understand?


Allie - posted on 08/14/2012




That is crossing boundaries in the eyes of your husband. Its a personal relationship with a man that you arent related to. If you really want to try to get him to understand, bring him along with you. Introduce the two of them and have them form a friendship. Remember, when you get married, you are supposed to be marrying your best friend.

Husband=Best Friend and Partner in Crime
Former Best Friend=Right Hand Man

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