I have a 6 month old and i want to know if he knows im his mom. I stay with him all day and night but he seed alot of family at church and sees my sister like everyother day. I get jealous he goes with everyone i feel like he doesnt know who i am :(


Shenna - posted on 11/06/2012




Well do you cuddle and talk with him? Do you interact? if so then he should know! My 2nd born was like that with me in the beginning. So I had to reassess my self and ask myself what am I doing that he doesn't recognize me. I'm with him day and night as well. But we have a big family too and he sees others as well. So I realized I had to be more prominent and in his face! I increased our cuddle and skin to skin time. I tell him all the time my name, I read to him and create activities with his older brother for him to sit and watch (he's only 6mths), I take him to the park and on walks. And now 3 months later he doesn't stop calling my name! I'm the first one he calls when he cries! if someone else is holding him too long and I walk in the room he immediately wants me. Maybe in the long runoff created an attachment problem but for now I'm okay with it. Hope it helped because I know the feeling!

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