i have a question i wonder my kids are 2 an 3 an i had been with a guy for 6 years which is their father an he left me now i have been with a guy for about 5 months now they are starting to call him daddy jon is this a wrong thing for me to let happen what should i do lil fyi their father is not in their life he lives over 4 hrs away he has only seen them one time since we left. thanks!!


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/22/2009




as long as the other guy is ok with it and you explain the situation them it should be fine. Just be honest with them when they ask questions!! Good luck!!

Nikkie - posted on 04/22/2009




thank you so much i was jus worried i dont make him call him that it jus kindof happened cause their dad never spent much time with them when we were together he always worked an now that i am with jon it is like he loves on them spends time with them but yet i still let my kids call their father every night an i show them pictures of him jus so they know that he is still there but it is like my son is rebelling because he use to be a really bad daddys boy an now when kevin calls it is like here bubba u wanna talk to daddy an he always says no or i say tell daddy good night or i love u an he wont do it an i dont make him

Melissa - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi Nikkie, i myself have been in this situation my son was almost 2 when his father left me. My son has always called my Husband Sergie( his name is sergio) Back then i told my son he can choose whatever he likes. I date my husband for 5 months before he even met my son due to i didnt want my son to be confused. Sometimes now and my son is 4 calls him Daddy Sergie. As long as u are not saying u have to call him daddy i dont see nothing wrong with it. Just make sure they understand that he is not taking their real daddy's place but its ok to have other people love them also. Its sucks their father isnt in their life. He will regret it dont worry. My step daughter who is 3 calls me mommy and i never told her to. It just happened that way. Dont worry its ok!

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