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Jennifer - posted on 08/21/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im 21 and I have a 1 year old and a 4 month old. Everytime I take them to get their vaccines they get sick. Why is that?


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Sarah - posted on 08/21/2013




Could be lots of reasons. Often times doctor offices are filled with lots of germs, so they might be picking up germs from the office. Some vaccinations will have side effects of a fever. Your doctor should be giving you a sheet that describes what the vaccination is for and what are the side effects of the vaccination. On that list will also state common side effects and what side effects you should call your doc. about. Another thing that is common is for kids to get cold like symptoms when they are teething. Their mouth produces extra saliva during that time which can cause a stuffy or runny nose, ear infections, etc. You kids could also be passing the germs back and forth from each other. The 1 yr old is probably touching many things and putting his hands in his mouth and the 4 month old might be doing the same or play and touching many of the same toys the 1 yr old does. They are young so their bodies are still developing that immune system, so they will get sick more often and less as their bodies get their immune system up. One tip I have is to start to wean your 1 yr old off of putting toys or hands in his mouth. By age 1 they usually have much of their teeth in and are not needing that oral learning as like your 4 month old is. When you stop and look at all the things your 1 yr old touches and puts in his mouth that is the biggest carrier of germs.

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