I have a wild Manchild for a partner...

Tazja - posted on 05/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




There is a lot of love, but he is having a hard time breaking old habits..He is amazing with our son, provides in the home..But he has bad friends and he acts out like home is a prison...I totally get he needs his space and a hobby as I do for myself..but he is the type, give him an inch and he takes a lap around the moon. I just feel unaccounted for and disrespected not to mention his ONE friend has put his hands on me a while back...How do I reach my partner to get him to realize it may tick me off now and hurt..but what he is doing is creating damage for the future...for our son. I feel like I know the answer..but I'd like to hear thoughts from other women.


Jodi - posted on 05/24/2013




You can't change a person. You clearly chose him as a partner the way he was, why do you suddenly feel now that he must change? Unfortunately, this is a common mistake many women make. The whole "I can change him" is a myth.

This doesn't mean that I think what he does is okay, but you have to understand that you don't have control over him, so expecting him to change because you want him to isn't realistic.

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