I have found the answer to all the stressful wig out, lost, end of the road, no way out, miserable, abusive situations...

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Getting on your knees surrendering to your heavenly Father! Ask for forgiveness and get ready for the most amazing transformation you have ever felt/ seen/ experienced or dreamed of! Give God the worry, the questions, the stress, the hurt, the abuse and the struggles and HE WILL TURN EVERYTHING AROUND. I'm PROOF! Try if for a month and if you aren't convinced, quit! My new found peace has made my MOMMYHOOD a whole new ballgame! whoop whoop! Good luck and Ill be praying for all the moms in this circle! WE ARE GOD'S PRINCESSES whether you know it or believe it or not. Praise God!


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Janessa - posted on 04/13/2013




I am also a witness. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband and our trials have not been with each other , but we have been through some pretty heavy trials together that without God, I know I couldn't have born it, and born it well. It is empowering to know that you are not alone, and that he will strengthen you in time of need. He does literally strengthen you beyond yourself in such a way that you could not deny it was from God, and gives you a peace that makes all the hard times almost worth it because of the peace you were able to receive once you turned it over to him. Thank you for sharing that. Our Heavenly Father does love us, Our Savior Jesus Christ did die for us and does live again, as we all will someday, and this life is not it, there is more to it. I know all of this to be true.

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Hey Staci! My faith comes from my complete turn around that my kids and I have recieved in just a year that God has so graciously given us! We went from homeless in a domestic violence womens shelter, my car blew up and broke! No childsupport and going thru a long divorce. Was so scared to file the papers that they have been ready since 2006 and were filed this January and of course he got them but didnt sign for them!! After running from God and the sacrifaces that he wanted me to make, My new love and I were recently got baptised together and have done a 180! I started praying for some specific things and they were all given to me because of my sacrifice and faith in the things unseen and being patient and Thanking God in advance they were, A house, a man of God, a new minivan, a new couch, and peace and happiness! They may seem pity to some but 1 year ago this June we were in the womens Shelter!!! So Mommy my faith comes directly from the blessings from God that have been sent down exactly when I needed them! And God will and wants to do the same for EVERYONE THAT TYPES A KEY ON THE INTERNET! Especially Mommys! You have been blessed by God with the kids in the first place and in the big picture THEY as well as US MOMMYS are GODS CHILDREN. Keep your faith strong and the blessings of heaven will RAIN DOWN! He LOVES YALL SO MUCH and only wants the best for you! kinds sound like a preacher hehe but just excited and astonished that an "unworthy sinning backslid" mommy could have such a turn around in such a short time! Just remember our Father is the KING OF KINGS. The roadmap to life is the Bible. Just open it and for 5 min read every day it will change your life. Good luck and I will be praying for you Staci! Feel free to messege me if you have anymore ?s GOD BLESS YOU IMPURFECT PROGRESS is all you need to do.

Katrina - posted on 04/07/2013




Staci, there is a group/community called Christian Mommies...come over and talk to some of the ladies there, I am sure they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

God Bless xx

Staci - posted on 04/07/2013




Hello, I am just wondering where your faith comes from? I grew up in a strong Christian family and I am now 22, i have lost all faith. I believe God is real, but I am doubtful about Jesus's existence.. I would love to have something to believe in, but my logic-based mind has caused me to doubt Jesus's existence..
please help! I need something to put my heart in.. and I can't place my faith in something that I doubt :(

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