I have had nothing but trama with my 3 pregnacies, i was told I cant have any more im so depressed, i just want one baby to love and take care of.


Jodi - posted on 09/04/2012




Nikki, can I please clarify (because it wasn't clear from your post), have you lost all 3 of your pregnancies, or is it that you had the babies, but want one more? I am really very sorry that whichever option this is is causing such distress. Either way, I would definitely suggest talking to a professional about your feelings and trying to come to terms with the situation.


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Angela - posted on 09/04/2012




Have you thought about adoption? I know some people want their "own" children, but its not always possible. I was adopted when I was 5 and I can't imagine a life in which I didn't have my family! Even though it is not possible for my daughter to look like any of my side of the family we always say she does. My daughter oddly enought has blonde hair and blue eyes unlike either of my husband or me(black brown hair and brown and hazel eyes) She naturally gets her blonde her from my adopted mom and her side of the family. My daughter gets her blue eyes from my adopted daddy. I have been loved and blessed beyond words to have been adopted.

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