I have pressure like I have to pee all the time it kind of hurts should I call Dr.?33 weeks prego

Miranda - posted on 09/22/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I can go pee and 5 minutes later still have the pressure and have to go again. Like I said I am 33 weeks pregnant. Does qualify as a call Dr. ASAP or just wait until next Tuesday's visit? Well it does not hurt like burning when I pee. Just horrible pressure like I have to pee all the time. My doctor is doing an ultrasound Tuesday to make sure he is not too big. I thank you for the comments!! As long as I don't have pain while urinating I guess I will just wait til then. I have another little boy who is 5 years old I just didn't have this problem before. Travis was 7lbs. 13.8oz. so maybe Tyson is just bigger!


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When that happened to me it was just because my daughter dropped into place rather quickly. It felt like there was only enough room in my bladder for one sip of water. If it is a little irritated down there or hurts when you pee it might be a UTI (urinary tract infection). I would wait till your visit and then ask the doctor at that time. When babies grow in there it leaves no room for anything else. :) Hope this helps.


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Louise - posted on 09/22/2009




You might have UTI, I had the same problem early in my pregnancy. My doctor said the pregnant women are more prone to UTI. Drink lots of cranberry or take cranberry pills, but the doctor will probably give you anti-biotics since the infection can reach your bladder if not treated. Do you have pain during urinating, that might be a sign of UTI besides the frequent urge.

Christina - posted on 09/22/2009




Drink lots of fruit juice and water and if it gets so bad you cannot tolerate it and feel like it cannot wait, call your doctor. The fruit juice (especially cranberry) should really help. As the baby moves lower in preparation for birth, it is going to become more incomfortable....

Rebecca - posted on 09/22/2009




i would wait i did that with my first pregnancy and it was just the baby begining to drop into place for the weeks to be coming for delivory...but if it becomes pain ful i would call your doc

Kathryn - posted on 09/22/2009




Hey, everytime i have had thats its been a urinary tract infection and usually they just give you some antibiotics or tell you to drink cranberry juice. I think if you are really worried you should go in for a visit and they will give something to help you. It can be rather uncomfertable. It could also be the baby pushing on your bladder. Hope it gets better soon. But i think its safe to wait it out :)

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