I have the baby blues, trying to have another and no luck :(


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It was almost two years of trying to have my second child and I did everything, read every book, and talked to my doctor about it. Nothing seems to help untill I just put it out of my mind as much as I could ,and I stop trying it was about two months later and I found out I was pregnant. After I had my son 9 months later not trying I got pregnant with my third.

Jamie - posted on 10/05/2009




try not to THINK that you're trying...just have fun with it. The less stress you put into it the more fun and natural it will be and not a case where it's "ok, honey...lets do this.....again........." you hear of all those stories where someone adopts because they couldnt get pregnant then the time they stop trying and thinking about it BAM they are expecting!! :) Good luck

Amanda - posted on 10/05/2009




you can also use first response.com to predict ovulation days it tells you monthly what days you are ovulating on those days have sex as much as possible. good luck!

Laura - posted on 10/05/2009




The most important thing is not "trying" everyday. Everytime you guys "try" lowers his sperm count. Get a calender and keep CLOSE track of your cycle. There are lots of web sites that do this free. You have ovulation days. It is best to save up your "trys" for those days. For example, your ovulation days are a week away. Dont do any "trying" for that entire week, and then "try" EVERY ovulation day. Try mycycles.com for the calender. Hope this helps!! Good Luck :)

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