I heard you have to potty train boys twice

Crystal - posted on 04/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




is this true? how do you go about potty training a boy? not that my son is anywhere close to be potty trained. but for when the time comes i wanna be as ready as i can..


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Angela - posted on 04/30/2009




I have never potty trained any of my kids twice. My oldest, my son was difficult but in the end I just stuck him in underwear and within a week he peed only in the potty. Had a bit more of a problem with the pooping, cleaned up a lot of messes. Eventually we bribed him and it worked. My daughter was stubborn at first but the second she was ready she got the hang of it right away. She had minimal messes and pooped and peed in the potty right away. I think ever child is different and no matter how hard you try they are not going to do it until they are ready. I do think the character underwear help because they like them so much. I did go straight to standing for my son. I think no mother should ever mess with pull-ups because they just like diapers unless you are going to use them at night because your child wets the bed (how to correct that one I don't know). And personally don't get the clothes of that second, have them go wait in the bathroom while you go get their clean clothes. If they have to wait for you to clean them up (most kids) they will not like to be wet or have poop hanging down in their underwear. But once again all kids are different and you never know what is going to work best for them until you have tried it.

Amie - posted on 04/30/2009




I've never heard this how odd. My son was much more difficult to train though than our girl was. It took about a year and a half in total for him to learn day and night time. Funny enough he trained himself in the end. He got Spiderman & friends gitchies from santa for christmas. This was a huge deal he loves spiderman. We had gotten the no name gitchies before so we weren't spending a lot on gitchies that were just going to get soiled and stained anyway. The spiderman gitchies did it for our son though, he got up one day said he was a big boy and he wasn't going to get spiderman dirty or wet. He's had one accident since then and it's because we didn't get home in time from the park. lol! There are a lot of tricks and methods... the cheerio in the toilet to teach them to aim (we never once taught our boy to pee sitting down, talk about confusing) the star/treat chart, getting dad to show him by example (not all men are comfortable with this though), etc... ultimately the spiderman gitchies did it for our son. I can't even remember everything we tried I'm just glad he's done! LOL! Now onto our other two girls when their old enough and ready.

Sierra - posted on 04/30/2009




I think they just mean that, you train them first sitting down, and then again standing up to pee. It's to train them initially sitting down. Some people have their sons watch their Daddies stand up to pee after they have mastered using the potty.

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