I just joined this site today...I need some advice regarding my 5 yr old with ADHD and ODD...

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Hello, this is my first day on circle of moms. I am a 25 year old mom of one. I came across this site while searching for advice from other moms who have a young child with adhd/odd. My daughter recently turned 5 years old and I have come to the conclusion that her behavior is no longer a "phase" that she may grow out of. Due to the loss of my husband (her daddy) in 2009, I starting working full time between 48 to 60 hours per week in order to pay my bills. She started having defiance issues at daycare when she turned 4. First the complaints were made involving other children, then it developed into defiance toward the teachers and authority figures. I was called to come pick her up early on several occasions due to her aggression toward other children and attitude toward her teacher; refusing to listen and follow simple instructions. She was very defiant and disrespectful at home and in public towards me. When I would have company over, she would do anything to acquire attention from anybody that would notice. She would start talking loud and climbing on things. When I asked her to stop, she would continue to do so. Then when I raised my voice to tell her to stop, she would fold her arms, tell me "NO" and then look toward the company and then me just to see what their reaction was. That just set me off because she was deliberately defying what I had at first asked her to do, then what I had told her to do. How am I supposed to discipline my child when she behaves like this?? Other times she would abuse and be mean to our cat. Picking him up, squeezing him, spinning him around in circles. This happened more often when I wasn't present or in the same room as her. Sometimes I would 'sneak up' to find her hitting the cat while nobody was around. After repeatedly describing her behavior to her physician, she recommended taking her to Centerstone to be evaluated for a behavior disorder. Therefore, I scheduled the soonest available appointment...7-11-12...we were really pressed for time since it was 3 weeks before she started Kindergarten. They prescribed her Adderral (5 mg) for 2 weeks and behavior therapy. When we went in for the follow up on 7-25-12, they increased her dosage to 10 mg. I noticed a change in her behavior with in a week. She started school on 8-1-12 and everything seemed to be going okay. The teacher said that she starts out pretty good in the mornings but thinks that the medication starts to wear off by the end of the school day. She is still having some issues at home with following directions and continues to be aggressive towards our cat. Her behavior has improved and is not as severe as it was before the adderral. Her prescription ended and needed to be refilled by 8-24-12...unfortunately, centerstone couldn't refill it over the phone and the only person there with authority to do so won't be available until 9-5-12. That weekend was a disaster! She was the same, if not worse, that she was prior to any treatment. I called her physician on Friday and they squeezed us in for a Monday morning appointment. The doctor changed her prescription to 18 mg Concerta?! She has had very bad behavior at school all week! Her teacher called today to tell me that she was very disruptive, failed to follow instructions, would not participate in group activity, told her "NO" on several occasions, and was not at all like she was the last 3 weeks. She said that it was like 'day and night' from what she was when she first started school. I immediately called the doctor's office and told her what was going on. She then told me to double her prescription of Concerta to 36 mg. I will be starting her on the double dose in the morning. I just hope that this will be effective from tomorrow throughout the weekend. If not, she will have to change it back to the Adderral without a doubt in my mind. In conclusion to all of this, is there any one out there who has had any similar dealings with a child coming off of adderral and placed onto concerta?


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Talk to your dr. about adderall xr it is an extended release tablet which lets the meds work longer my son who also was diagnosed with adhd and odd at the age of 5 was put on the adderall for his adhd and rispiridone for his ODD the combination of the two worked for him until he recently turned 11 where we switched to vyvanse. With children like this everything has to be black and white there is no grey areas you have to set up rules and have consequences you also have to be willing to follow through on those consequences. A child with ODD can find every loophole out there to justify their behavior.

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