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I just started feeing Aydian it to soon???


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Charlie - posted on 09/11/2009




Yogurt is fine from 6 months on , you can buy specialized baby yougurts but my midwife says its just a fad and you can give them natural yogurts with fruit puree .
Cheese , yogurt and small amounts of milk in cooking is fine from 6 months as the protein has been broken down and is easier to digest .

Karalee - posted on 09/10/2009




Just watch how much yogart you give them. My kids got bad rashes from eating too much. I would give it 2 maybe 3 times a week.

Lucy - posted on 09/06/2009




It's best to give natural yoghurt and sweeten it with pureed fruit as alot of the yoghurts aimed at babies and children contain huge amounts of sugar and flavourings.

Hope - posted on 09/05/2009




they have a yogurt base cereal in the baby section. you can buy to see if he likes it and to make sure he has no reactions as long as he is sitting up on his own then he is ok to have it.. around 6-7 mths.. but you just give him a little a day dont go over board with it..

Cailie - posted on 09/05/2009




I believe that you can give a little than if no reaction to keep doing it. I have never really listened to what "they" say expect on seafood and seeded fruit like strawberrys. But my son had a lot of stomach issues so we had o start at 2 1/2 months on oatmeal. he wouldn't keep down even breat mike so the doctors said to try everything and what ever stays to keep going with that. So I think that what ever works for you to try that.

Diane - posted on 09/05/2009




How old is he? I started feeding my daughter yogurt around 8 months and she had no problem with it. Be sure to get yogurt made with whole milk though...YoBaby is a good brand.

Kattie - posted on 09/05/2009




They (whoever they really are) suggest 8 months I believe. I started experimenting around seven months, though, and Mattie did just fine. I would just make sure you check his reaction to it, and like Kelly said, I would not depend on it.

Kelly - posted on 09/05/2009




Well...i don't know what they say for an age to feed them yogurt but i gave my son yogurt the first time when he was about 6 months old....but in my family we have no history of any kind of food my son has had some things that they suggest not to have till a year old...and his doctor said that its fine cuz of the no history of allergies in eather side of the long as he hasn't had any kind of reaction to it i would say that its fine to feed it to him....but wouldn't go crazy feeding it too him all the time....

Tiffandmat - posted on 09/05/2009




they shouldnt be fed yoghurt till at least 8 months old if they started solids at 6months my daughter started solids at 3 1/2 months adn has yoghurt but you only give them one of the small kids/baby tubs and she is fine any more makes her a little chucky. hope this helps

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