I'm 26 and the mother of 2 beautiful children...

Anna - posted on 07/09/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I want more children, and possibly in the very near future. I have certain family members that are very discouraging about the idea. Their opinion is "you have a boy and a girl, you dont need more". How do I politley tell them to mind their own business and to stay out of mine?


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Andrea - posted on 07/09/2009




Ok I am new to the group but I can compleltly relate to your situation. I am 26 and have a 5 yr old daughter and an 18 month old son and it's great however, I want another one and everyone is against this including my husband. IN your case you and your husband are both in agreement and that's all that matters. My husband and I have always agreed upon one thing it doesnt matter what job you have or where you live all that matters is you have each other and you love each other. I have learned thru all my up's and downs that is the key to life, you can make it thru anything all you need is love and support of the person that matters the most in your life.

Adjoa Anita - posted on 07/09/2009




Im 20 soon to be 21. I have 19 month old boy/girl twins. People often say that to us also. 'you have a boy and girl already so no need for anymore'. But its totally up to you and your partner how many kids you wish to have. Just ignore the people that choose to comment and judge. At the end of the day its your choice.Good luck

Rebecca - posted on 07/09/2009




hi i'm 26 and have got two boys and another baby on the way although we dont know what it is yet lol my mom and dad hated the fact that both myself and my partner wanted another baby and couldnt understand why we would want to put more pressure on ourselves with #3 as they had only two children and were happy with that but my partner and myself always agreed that it was our decission and that we wouldnt let the change our mines so when we announced i was pregnant again i was everything under the sun they didnt want anything to do with me and had said i had only done it for attention which isnt the case both myself and partner always wanted a big family and dont even see #3 as been our last baby so having sat down with my mom and dad and telling them that it is our lives and we will live them how we choose fit they have finally come round to the idea of another grandchild and needless to say my mom hopes its a girl. so i think you just need to tell the family members that it is down to you and your partner to decide what future you have including future children. i know things might look grim now but they will look better once you have spoke to them and they may even surprise you in the future when and if you do have more kids. good luck

Cynthia - posted on 07/09/2009




I'm 25 with three children.. I also had a boy and a girl before getting pregnant with #3. Its a boy.. I've always wanted a LARGE family. I came from a large family. My family and my husbands family was very discouraging when we started talking about #3. But I never let it bother me. If your happy with your decision to have more children, nevermind them. I agree with Kirsty, your happy but you want more, and its yours and your hubby's decision not theirs.

Kirsty - posted on 07/09/2009




just tell them you always wanted a larger family and even though your happy with your two children that you have at the moment you would still like to have more

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