I'm 4 months preggy and wants to know if there's a risk in working on a graveyard shift..


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Samantha - posted on 08/25/2009




As long as you already work that shift, you should be used to it. If not, I say don't bother... Your body needs to have a normal as possible clock... especially because your need rest. You might feel just fine since your in your 2nd trimester, but come 7 months, your gonna want sleep sleep sleep!

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Megan is right on... No heavy lifting, Sit as often as you can more so at the end of your 3rd trimester. Eat healthy baby needs good food not junk.Get a bunch of sleep when you can, and keep your stress on check.You are no diffrent than a gal who works 9-5 you just do it from 10-6:)- LOL Good luck and if you have any questions ask your Dr. he/she will help you out a bunch.

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As long as you get enough sleep during the day it should be fine. The main rule of thumb I tend to hear is that as long as you are used to it before being pregnant then your fine unless you over do it. No heavy lifting and make sure you can keep up with your sleep (trust me your gonna need all the sleep you can get before birth! lol)

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