I'm Pregnant with Bright Red Boobs! Is this normal?

Nicole - posted on 10/08/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm sorry to ask another maybe silly "Is this normal" question here, but I'm 21 weeks along and this is my first.

For the past week or so my brests have turned a bright shade of pink, like they are sunburned. Even to the point of when I touch them they are hot and turn white real quick and then go back to pink just like a sunburn... only they've been hiding out in my big t-shirts all the time.

Is/has this happening to anyone else? And is this normal? If so what causes it and will it go away?

Thank you,



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yeah i wouldnt worry, the boobs go crazy during pregnancy, lol.. i mean mine were leaking, red around the nipples, tender as hell throughout.. yuck.. your hormones are attributing to them trust me, no worries

Amy - posted on 10/09/2009




Haha -- I'm not sure if it is normal or not, but mine went red and had stretch marks trailing to the outer edges, and my husband said they looked like they'd gone at warp speed....

I'm pretty sure it'd be part and parcel of weird prego symptoms.. don't stress... Congrats!

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