I need advice at how to handle a situation with my 6 yr old and his best friend at school...

Barbara - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok so thursday i gave my 6 yr old 5 bucks for the school bookfair, he bought a book but it either got lost or stolen so i guess he was upset and talked to his best friend about it thursday before they came home from school. Well today Alex came home with a book that his friend bought him. i asked alex if his friend got a book too and he said no. so i called the school (i didnt want his friend going home and getting into trouble for giving his money away) and told them the situation. The Principle called the other kids parents and they said they knew about it and that their son had counted money out of his own piggy bank that morning for Alex to get another book:) And when they asked him y he needed to do that his responce was "cause he's my best friend and thats what friends do" so they allowed him to do it. My question is should i give the little boy his money back or just have alex pick him out a nice thank-you card??? I dont want the other little boy to get offended if we offer to pay him back because he DID do it just out of the kindness of his heart. But i want him to know that we are greatful for what he did and that he's a good kid for taking away from HIS self in order to make someone else happy. I'm just kinda flaberghasted i guess.......what would you do in the same situation???


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Jackie - posted on 10/03/2009




I think a Thank You card would be very nice and maybe you can take your sona friend to Micky D's or something. Or spek to the parents and see what they think. Maybe you can repay them and they can sneak back into the piggy bank...

Andrea - posted on 10/03/2009




This soooo made my day!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this story to us...

I would get a lil thank you card or another present (like a book or toy) to give to the other lil boy. You can also call the parents up thank them from you and both your family and their family could go out to dinner as a treat!!!

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that was such a nice thing your sons friend did, dont offer to pay they money back, instead get him a thank you card and maybe get him a book or a little thankyou pressie, its nice that at such a young age these kids have such a nice bond as friends,

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