I need help getting my baby to sleep in crib...Help!!

Mary - posted on 08/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi! My daughter was born Feb. 19th and pretty much since then she's been really good about sleeping thru the night - in her bassinette. We put her to sleep at 7pm (even though I would like to keep her up, but she just can't seem to make it past then...any suggestions?!?) in her swing, then when we head to bed we bring her to her bassinette, then around 3am she starts fussing and will only stop if I bring her into bed with us - which I hate doing, but I'm just so tired. I really want her to start sleeping in her crib but she just won't have it. I do everything the same - swing at 7pm then instead of bassinette I put her in her crib, but all night she is wakeful, fussing needing a bottle (which she never has needed at night). Should I just try skipping the swing and putting her to sleep in her crib from the get go?? Any idea's on how to get her to go to sleep later so she then hopefully sleeps later?? Help!! I need some sleep!!



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Stacey - posted on 08/06/2009




i had the same problem and tried everything after hundreds of suggestions and nothing working and a very tired mummy i was so tempted to give in to having him in my bed other wise i think i would have just dropped from tiredness but my midwife suggested getting a thicker mattress or changing the bedding just to try and make her bed a little more similar to yours and even cuddling her bedding so she can smell you when she wakes and feels a little safer to think u are near. the night i done that it was like a miricale had a few night where he would want a cuddle but within a week no problems, a bed to myself and no more tired mummy.

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here's a thought maybe she feels abit small in her big crib?? maybe you could try one of those things where you put her in the middle of it and she has a cushion type thing at her back and one at her front (it would mean her sleeping on her side though) sorry i dont know what they are called. it stops them from rolling about. supposed to help comfort. i had one and it helped my son feel less "lost"in his cot.

hope you succeed soon. good luck!!

Christy - posted on 08/06/2009




Change her, Feed her , cuddle a bit when she falls asleep put her in the crib. Do this during the day for naps as well. If she is just fussing let her fuss, if she starts screaming rub her back, some cuddles then back to the crib.

Don't bring her into bed with you - its just to easy for one parent tor roll over.

it may take a bit to get her adjusted to the crib, but just keep exposeing her to it. It will come in time. If the vassness of the crib makes her uneasy try to swaddle her

Don't put her in the crib unless she is asleep or very close to it at first, that way she is less likely to fight it.

Remmeber some fussing and babbling is ok, jumping up at everything actually wakes her up not helps her sleep.

Mainly use time, good luck!

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