I need help potty training my 2 1/2. Yr son

Jayneshabrothers - posted on 09/07/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




I try everything from praising him and buying a seat he will enjoy. But he continues to pee on him Himself and ever where like a dog. I'm a single parent and dying of help.


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Cerina - posted on 09/11/2013




My oldest, Zach is 5 now and I remember what you are going through. Honestly, I told my husband that he had the boy parts and he had to teach Z how to go like a big boy. But of course when dad wasn't around I had to step up.
I found that trying to teach him to sit to pee was not going to work. I went out and bought a step with a slip proof base so he could stand up without touching the icky rim. Then, yes it sounds crazy, but I threw Cheerios into the toilet and told him to shoot them to try and make them sink. We would give it a try about once an hour. It became a game and soon he wanted to try n shoot them on his own. He was fully trained in about a month, 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday.

Jessy Lou - posted on 09/09/2013




or you can always just tell him he's out of diaper and then just check on him every hour or hour and half. my 2 year baby girl right is potty training too. its hard and sometimes frustrating but when its pee i keep checking on her and she does pee a liitle. thats good enough though.
ofcourse its gonna some accidents but we have to patient. even me, i get so mad at times i want to just make her use diaper again, but she might get confuse and it might take her longer to stop using diaper.

Michelle - posted on 09/07/2013




Like Sarah said, He's not ready. When he is ready it will all click into place with very few accidents.

Sarah - posted on 09/07/2013




Sounds like he is not ready yet. You may want to give it a break and come back to it when he shows interest in it. Potty training should be the child's accomplishment not the parents.

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