I need some help with what to do.. My son is a year old and his father does drugs. He left me whe i found out i was pregnant because i would not get an abortion. I have had my son and supported him sence day one all by myself. We went to court and he wanted a test done to make sure my baby was his. I just got the test back and he is his father. when we go back to court what do i say to the court about him doing drugs or How do i go about it. I dont want my son around someone that does drugs.. Please help..


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J M - posted on 03/01/2013




Very Sad ,Get a family court order out on him not to be around him. Say you believe you would be the fitter parent because what you believe to be true and do know, move to a different place what ever, just move on.

You are the only one that has supported your baby as you have said from day one, the guy even doubted he was the dad, he sounds a dead beat.

Danae - posted on 02/27/2013




You need to get evidence of him doing drugs. Substantial evidence that will hold up in court to show that the "sperm donor" is unfit to parent your son.

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