I started using the contraceptive injection (depo) after my daughter was born & kept using it purely because i had no periods while on it and it was convinient, that was nearly 4 years ago. I have not had an injection in over a year and I still get no period? I am not looking to get pregnant again so thats not the issue just wondering if others have had the same experience and is this normal?


Brandi - posted on 09/26/2014




The effects of depo can last months or even years after the last shot, but you can get pregnant if your just a week late for your shot or even now that it's been a year for you if your concerned you can talk to your dr/obgyn and they might be able to help you, what my dr told me was that after you stop even if you haven't had a period yet you can still get pregnant


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Depo really messed my body around... Terrible, bleeding that is constant, and completely irregular, headaches, moodiness. I would not advise anybody to have this. I have heard Depo can affect your ability to conceive after you come off it for up to 18 months!!

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I got the shot for 2.5/almost 3 years. Then went on birth control pills for about 6 months. My period started to come back about 2 weeks after I stopped taking the birth control pills. I WAS trying to get pregnant and my son wasn't born for 2 months short of 3 years after being off all birth control. I also had 2 early miscarriages before getting pregnant w/ him.

Depo can really mess up a person's system....

Caitlin - posted on 12/17/2011




I know it can take a while for your system to go back to normal after depo and i'm sure it depends on the person, but I know someone can get pregnant even if they have no period (like when breastfeeding) so I don't really know if it's the same after depo. I know I took depo once after my first was born, and my eriod got all messed up for a month or so then stopped - I never had a regular period again before conceiving number 2..

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