I think i have prepartum depression and I don't know what to do...

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I started this pregnancy with open heart, mind, and ready to take on the world for my two little girls. But lately I've just been so ugh is the only word I can think to say. I hate waking up pregnant. I want them out of me so so badly! I am 33 weeks tomorrow and I would be over joyed if my dr told me we could C-section next week. I used to look at my belly with love and adorment and I couldn't wait for them to move so I could smile but now, I hate my belly, I hate when they move, I hate being pregnant. I love my babies, but I feel so overwhelmed because of everything else in my head. I don't want to hate anything about my girls and I hate everything about them right now... I just want them out... I hope I don't sound like some horrid stepmother figure but I just don't know where else to go...


DeAnn - posted on 09/24/2012




Nah. Every mom feels this way at some point in her pregnancy. You just get tired of it. You want them out. Hang in there - 7 weeks to go.

In the meantime, do things to reduce your stress. Get enough sleep. Relax in a nice warm shower or bath. Visit an indoor pool. Get a mani-pedi. When you start to have a negative thought, recognize it, and turn it around. "I am uncomfortable, but seeing them for the first time will be worth it." "Good thing I'm having twins instead of having to do this twice!" "If I did have a C-section this early, they will need NICU care - I'd better hang on to them as long as I can to reduce costs."

The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive they will get.

Look to the future - holding them, putting them in adorable dresses, seeing their first smiles, hearing their first laughs, watching them babble to each other, their first steps, learning colors and shapes, playing dress-up with princess tiaras, pigtails, and all the SHOPPING!

You're not a bad person. You're just hitting the "is it over yet?" of the home stretch. We all go through that. :)

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