I've been dating now almost a year and i found three times he has been cheating what do i do?

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I been dating this guy i've known since little, everything has been great untill recently i found out going through his text he was flirting with a giel she would send him naked pictures, when i contronted him he felt bad and said sorry then another time i saw he was writing a message on fb to some girl. now recently i went through his phone and on fb messages he was telling some girl he wanted to be with her. I threw him out recently but it hurts soo much. he has apologized but when i contront him he makes all these excuses that hes not good enough for me. what do i do?


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Jodi - posted on 08/11/2012




Yeah, I agree with him, his cheating ass isn't good enough for you. I am assuming there is a child involved here? Not his child? I'd cut my losses right now if that were the case. If he was the father of my child, I'd probably look at some counselling, and see where that took me, but it is quite clear that you don't trust him (with good reason) and that he can't be faithful.

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I was married for 9 years until I found out my husband had been cheating on me for 6 of those 9 years. Trust me, when he says he isn't good for you he knows what he is doing wrong and that he won't stop. It may hurt honey, but move on and find someone who will treat you right and appreciate you for who you are. I know its hard to believe, but good faithful men are still out there. If you forgive him, he will just keep doing this and find new ways to hide it from you. I wish you all the best...

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Dump him. It isn't worth the ups and downs. I think far too often we as women hold on to a bad guy because we've convinced ourselves that he's the best we can do. But in the end, it is better to be with no one than a jerk.

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He is right.. Hes not good enough for you.. it depends I guess on wat u wanna do.
If you ttuly believe in ur heart it will work then do.wat you feel, but if.you choose to
Take him back after he knos that you kno he cheated , itl probsbly get worse in my experiance, after that happend they pretty much feel invincable like they can do watever they want anf youl put up with it.. I hate to say t but it probably wont end well. I kno it hurts now but it will hury way more if u let it continue. Do what you feel is right for you,, good luck

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