I want another baby!!

Stacey - posted on 06/23/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey i am 24 with 2 kids, a boy of 4 and a girl of 2 that i dearly love. After i had my daughter i still wanted another one but then my friend got pregnant an also my 2 sisters, so i thought the erge would just go away. But it seems it was just pushed aside for a little while!! Now i want one more than ever but there is also another problem, my partner point blank refuses. I can see his point about money and all the rest of it, i also know that i should be happy with ones i have (which i am by the way) but its hard to shake this feeling!! Any suggestions??


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Liz - posted on 06/23/2009




I know the feeling. I have a set of 1 year old twins and I have the same urge. My husband is also arguing about the whole money thing but it's a really hard urge to shake.

Mel - posted on 06/23/2009




i dont know any suggestions but i feel for you, my partner agreed to have 3 because i want 3 but we only have one so far and i am having trouble convincing him to have a 2.5 yr gap and give me number 2 already. i hope you are able to convince him otherwise good luck

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