I want another baby!

Jenn - posted on 02/04/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 28 years old and my husband is 32. I really want another baby! But my husband doesn't! I find myself crying every month when my period comes and when I take my birth control everyday! I need help I don't know how to get him to want another baby or have myself move past the point that I want another baby. Now don't get me wrong I am very blessed with the best little boy but something in my mind or body is telling me to have another child. Anyone else out there have this same issue or have any advice for me?


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Carrie - posted on 02/04/2013




'This topic is sort of back and forth with my husband and I also. He only wants 3 children, and I want as many children as I happen to have - as long as they are healthy. (when I made the comment just after having birth that I didn't know if I wanted to have another go at it my husband threw a fit, but if I talk about having more kids than 3 he threatens to make it so he can't have kids from his end. -.-)

My mom and dad made sure the children were 3.5 years apart before even attempting to have another child, my mom had 6 children - this made it so that the children could help out before she had another child and emotional problems didn't really occur due to "robbing the experience of being the youngest". So if your baby is still young that's one thing you could use to cope for a while longer. As far as your husband not wanting another baby, it may be a time thing - he may come around later. You could always talk it out with him and ask him why he doesnt' want another child - if most of them are time limited things like "we're in debt" or "we're still learning to take care of the child we have" or "I don't know if I"m ready yet" then you can wait with him and give him support, because then it's not like he's saying he doesn't want another child forever. One thing you could use to help him understand your situation is that the older you get the harder it is to have children that are healthy (statistic wise anyways - I personally think that if a person is happy enough about a situation it doesn't matter how old they are, they can do it and still get great results). Just a few ideas for thought. Children are great, but rushing into them is probably more problematic than other things could be, especially if both parents aren't ready for it. It's important to be there as a team for your child/children. ^^ I hope everything works out for you two.

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