I want my baby to be fat what type of food do I give her


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Jessibell - posted on 08/03/2013




Do you mean fat as in obese or overweight or do you mean fat as in you wish her to gain more weight due to her being underweight at this time?

If you mean fat as in obese please seek mental health assistance from your family doctor as you may not be fit to parent a child.

If you mean fat as in gain weight you didn't really give us enough details and background on the situation for anyone to give you a proper solution to your query.
(How old, how much does she weigh, how much does the doctor say she should weigh, does she have any health issues, does she have any sensitivities or allergies to any foods?)

User - posted on 08/02/2013




This seems kinda odd. Even if you want her to gain some weight, please dont call it fat, its just teaching them name calling. Its not appropriate to make her unhealthy, I can not condone that and hope no one else will.

If you are worried that she is underweight and unhealthy you need to talk to her doctor

Michelle - posted on 08/01/2013




Why do you want her fat? That's not healthy.
As long as she's in the healthy weight range for her age then she's fine.

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