I want my mother in law to back off. She's too overwhelming!

Brittany - posted on 03/18/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ever since my daughter was born my mother in law has been obsessed with my daughter. The first day I came home with her she rudely came in while I was half-naked and breastfeeding. She didn't bother knocking. I was so mad because I had finally got her to sleep after a long 24 hours. Then she HAD to wake her up and guilt trip me that she took a bus all the way here even after I told her that day wasn't a good day. Shortly after I had to stay with her and she tried taking over my daughter completely. She stole my bottles, a bunch of outfits, binkies, formula and blankets so she could use them for my daughter. Even gave my daughter a bath but never asked me if I felt comfortable. One night I walked in with her forcing a binky down my daughters throat while she was gagging and screaming at 1 month old mind you. I quickly whisked her away and couldn't explain how livid I was. She would constantly say I was starving my daughter even though she was healthy and hitting her pound gain goals and then sum. She one time started making a bottle right in front of me when I told her I was getting ready to breast feed her. She got so mad when I scolded her. I chose to exclusively breastfeed and it'll stay that way. Then another day she was on the phone and I went to get Bai for a feeding and she told whoever on the phone, "She's taking her away again." We moved to another state and she's been guilt tripping my boyfriend and asking him to approve her moving close. She's trying to move here! What do I do? I've tried to sit down and explain and she'd just freak out and then me and my boyfriend would fight saying I should respect my elders... She constantly messages him saying she wants custody and talks badly of me. Why would I ever respect her? She's crazy and I am tired of it. She can't respect my rules and parenting skills. I am gonna explode!


Michelle - posted on 03/18/2013




What does your BF do? He needs to tell her to back off and let you 2 raise your child yourselves. He sounds like he needs to cut the apron strings so I don't see it ending well if the MIL moves closer to you at all!!!!

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