I want to know the dose of pedia sure complete for my 1year old baby boy


User - posted on 01/22/2013




you should ask your doctor, i wouldnt give it to them if the dr hasnt recommended it. My son is drinking it, hes 23 mo but started at 15 mo. The dr told me for him at the most 3 a day, but he started out with 1/2 to 1 a day because it filled him up so much. He now drinks at most 2 a day. If he gets more than that he wont eat anything. Hes a very light eater, not picky, just eats like a bird and cant gain the weight. If a baby is picky eating, I wouldnt give it to them, if you keep working with them on it, it should get better. I can say it really works, it seems like since he started drinking it, hes been eating better, like it stretched out his tummy to eat a lil more, and he has also gained about 4 pounds since. Hope this helps!

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