I will be flying with my little girl for the first time next week . im freaking out

Amanda - posted on 10/13/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I dont want to be (THAT PERSON!!!!!) on the plane with a baby

I need some support and tips im doing my travels alone w/o hubby


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Coral - posted on 10/13/2009




when i flew with my daughter i took a boppy pillow with me to help hold her, the longer the flight the more my arms hurt! The new toy thing helps too, when you board ask the stuardess to see if she could get the person next to you to move so that you have more room, most people have no problem doing so. They understand how hard it is to travel with a baby. Most people are very nice, some will help entertain your baby! good luck

Nikki - posted on 10/13/2009




The only thing i can tell you is that if she crys she crys. Theres not a whole lot you can do. It has a lot to do with the ears not being able to "pop" like we can ours. Bottles help, if you breast feed try that too. You can also try a pacifer if she takes one. I flew with my son when he was 3 months old and then again when he was 9 months and we're going on another flight on saturday. The first flight was aweful he was "that baby" and i tried everything nothing would help. It depends. the last flight we we're on 9 months old he was fine didnt cry once...so you might have a problem now or not just dont worry. remain calm cause your baby will feel your reactions.....Best of luck!!!

Jade - posted on 10/13/2009




I had to take my daughter on a 4hr flight when she was about 1yr and she slept through most of it lol. Make sure to have snacks and drinks and same little toys to play with and it shouldnt be too bad

Meghan - posted on 10/13/2009




I'm in the same situation. Our daughter is 15 months old and we will be leaving at 6 am this saturday (without the hubby) with a 2 1/2 hour layover and will get to our destination about 2 in the afternoon. I talked to our pediatrician and he told me anything that I can get her to suck on during take off and landing. She doesn't use a bottle anymore and she never took a pacifier so I will be giving her snacks. Chewing has the same effect. I also went to the dollar store and got a couple of cheap new toys she's never seen before this way she will be entertained by something new for a while. She also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I will be bringing a family member's portable DVD player with me to keep her entertained. On top of toys, plenty of snacks to munch on and that's my game plan. I don't know how old your daughter is but those are my tips. I know the feeling, I don't want to be that parent either with the screaming child for the duration of the flight. Good luck!

Joy - posted on 10/13/2009




How old is she? If she's tiny, you will probably not really have any issues. Depending on her age and what she eats, I suggest nursing/bottle feeding/snacks during ascent and descent to keep her ears from hurting. Since babies don't know how to make their ears "pop", eating does it for them. And believe me, I have flown a bunch of times with my son, and when they do have that occastional meltdown, people usually feel bad for you and offer to help. I haven't had any nasty looks or comments from fellow flyers yet. And even if you do get some, just know that those people have no idea what it's like, and pay them no attention.

Meghan - posted on 10/13/2009




Well i found what helped me lots its make sure you have a bottle ready for take off and let him start drinking it as soon as the plane starts to speed up. Also bring a few familiar toys with you.

Emanuelieta - posted on 10/13/2009




I dont really see you having an issue.... make sure to take her good/ pacifier ( if she uses one) and little toys.... youll be just fine!! keep her up the day of or b4.... so she is sleepy and sleeps the ride!

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