i would love to hear from you all.

Belinda - posted on 07/08/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




i am currently writing baby book and was just wondering if their was any subjects or information you wanted to know when you were pregnant that you couldn't find in any books.

Thank you all so much


Emma - posted on 07/11/2009




Please tackel the unrealistic exspectations we women place on our selfs.

That all the super mom stuff is normaly a thin vinear for the outside world.

women so often try to out do each other with threr baby achivments, that moms that feel over welmed feel like failors and like its only them. so tell the truth please.


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Renae - posted on 07/11/2009




one thing that nobody told me until it happened to me, that your hair falls out around 3 months after the birth. the drain in my shower was getting clogged with hair everytime i showered. it's still coming out now (quite significantly less) and he's 5 months old!!

Dawn - posted on 07/11/2009




i would love a truthful book about what happens after you give birth.. both physically and mentally the changes that your body goes threw. not only that but the relationship you have with other people change.motherhood is rewarding but also can be challenging. I totally agree with Emma. As mothers we are hardest on each other because in reality we are as scared as hell as any other mother out there!

Tana - posted on 07/11/2009




Mention that 72% of all women under five feet tall must have c-sections. I didn't know this (I'm 4'11") and it would have been some nice information to have when I had my first son and after 12 hours of labor had to have an emergency c-section.
Bring up that not all babies take to breast feeding and reasons why. A friend of mine couldn't breastfeed her daughter (she tried) because of how bad her acid reflux was along with other problems and wound up spending $$$$$ on special formula.
Talk about the benefits of a body pillow or some other support for your back and legs while sleeping; and if you go camping (like I do every year) you should ALWAYS have that extra pillow with you.
I'm sure I could think of many more things...but for now I think this is good. Good luck!

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How about morning sickness and how it could go on for the whole pregnancy. I was okay for the first month, but then for the next 3 I was sooo sick that I could barely move. I found that peppermints helped a lot and now there is medication to help with the sickness. Not something I knew about until my doctor told me about it. Good luck, keep us informed about your book!

Nicole - posted on 07/11/2009




Oh I can think of lots of things "What to Expect" didn't cover! You can talk about the bleeding for weeks after birth, the recovery of a C-section and the reasons you might need one (I had to have one because my nearly 10 pounder got stuck!), how you swell up like a balloon while hooked up to the IV and then sweat it off for like a week (I had a winter baby and woke up sweating to death several nights!), how nobody gains the recommended 25-35 pounds (I gained 50!), how it's ok if you don't feel love at first sight when you first see your baby (after a 25 hour labor and a C-section, I was too tired to care! I didn't really start bonding with him till after we got home). But I guess that's mostly for after the baby's born.

Felicia Neikolle - posted on 07/11/2009




Talk about how the doctors can be wrong and if your gut is telling you something then you should listen to it b/c a mother's intuition doesn't start after birth. Also, please talk about the reality of miscarrying ... and the pain associated with it.

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