Idea on meal schedules for a 5/6 month old

Amanda - posted on 05/22/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




I just want an idea from other mommies on meal schedules for a baby just starting beginner solids... He has only ha and a little bit of cereal for breakfast and a little bit for supper with his bottles. Going to start veggies/fruits now but my question is should I give a bottle with the meal or a little later. He doesn't seem to want to drink a whole lot anymore after a meal and I still want him to get the recommended amount of formula in a day. I would just love to see what other mommies have done seeing as I am a first time mommy and doing it pretty much all alone. If anyone has a min to spare please help!


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I was also told to give the bottle/breastmilk before the solids, since milk or formula should be their primary source of nutrition still. I usually wait an hour after my son has had some milk before offering him solids. Keeps him from filling up on the solids, and also makes him more patient and willing to try new foods.


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Lindsay - posted on 05/22/2009




I also gave my daughter her bottle before her veggies at each meal. She got solids 3 times a day at that age, breakfast, lunch and dinner and then additionally had a bottle in the afternoon and before bedtime. After a month or so I also added a solids at her afternoon bottle. I kept this up until she was weaned off her formula, just adjusted what the foods were.

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Hello my little Chloe will be 5months this Sunday! She has been eating cereal since she was 3 months old with a spoon. I started feeding her veggies and fruits when she was 4 months old. She has Breakfast-cereal & fruit lunch-Cereal & veggies dinner-cereal & veggies & fruit She also takes a 4oz bottle every 4 hours except in the middle of the night! She has been sleeping through the night since she was 9 weeks old. She eats has a bath and goes to sleep in her crib with a blankie and a sassy about 7:30 - 8:00 everynight!!!

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I'm also a first time mom. My pediatrician recommended that I give my son his bottle before his meal and wait 30 minutes or an hour before giving him solids. this way he gets enough formula. my son his up to 3 big meals/day and has a 6 ounce bottle every 3-4 hours (except during the night) You simply have to follow his cues and try giving him his meals around the same time every day. good luck!

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Hi, it is recommended that the bottle is offered before the meal or the baby will be too full for the formula and the formula/ breastmilk is the most important food for the baby in the first year. Or at least this is what I was told by the early childhood nurse.

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When my daughter was just starting solids her eating schedule was this: 8;00 cereal with formula mixed in, 11:00 4 oz. bottle, 1:30 fruit or veggie, 3:30 4 oz. bottle, 6:30 cereal, and b4 bed another bottle, she would usually on take an oz or two at that time. By the way, I started my daughter on fruits first, and she ate veggies just fine. Her Dr said not to worry b/c she would eat them when she got ready, but she didnt have a problem.

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My son is just 5 months and he eats 2 jars of food a day Stage 2. He's 18 lbs & stage 1 Wasn't filling him. (he started at 4 months) He did cut down on his milk intake as well, but the Dr said he only needs about 30 oz of formula at this age. He was drinking 48 before I started Stage 2. (And I breastfeed too) I give him a bottle about 15 min after meals. He usually takes a little nap afterwards. When I first started beginner solids, it seemed the schedule that worked best with him was a jar 10ish and a jar 3ish with bottles in between. I really kind of just let him dictate how much he's going to eat. If he's hungry, I feed him. Some people think I overfeed him, but he's just a big baby and he's hungry A LOT. He's not the slightest bit obese though. My Dr said for his length he's exactly where he should be. Your instincts will be the most accurate I think. I don't think all babies have the same demand. My niece is 10 months old and my son outeats her, but she is a smaller baby and both her parents are small. She doesn't demand as much.

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just make sure you offer food before all meals otherwise the milk will make his tummy too full. just one to three times a day is fine for a baby that age either brekky and tea time like you've been doing or give something around lunch too. its better to make your own puree some vegies if not just the canned stuff and rusks with spreads on for snacks if you like

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When you start the veggies and fruits, make sure you start with veggies. Some babies will not eat the veggies once they have fruits b/c the fruits are sweet. The food should replace one of his bottles. Do cereal in the morning, a bottle maybe an hour later, veggies for lunch, a bottle an hour after that, and then cereal at night the way you have been. If your baby is hungry for a bottle then give him a bottle, he might only take half the bottle. You just don't want to over feed your baby, but feed him when he is hungry. Hope this helps.

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Hi im a first time mum to a 6 and a half month old and wen he was that age i gave him the same amount of food as what your giving i gave him half his milk waited a lil bit gave him some food and then gave him the rest

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I am also a first time mum and have a 6month old he is now on 4 meals a day but i let his food settle for half on hour before giving him his bottle unless he starts shouting for it before than hope this helps luv

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