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I am a new stay at home mom of a 5 year old and a 1 month old. Tonight my husband came home from work and as the baby is screaming and the 5 year old is complaining about being hungry he asked me "So what did you do today?" Mind you I am in my pj's and the dog had not eatten, and dinner was left overs from last night. But I wanted to scream what do you think I did today? I am the milk maid for one the total entertainment for another oh and the housekeeper. Nothing huney I did nothing today.

IF THEY ONLY DID IT FOR ONE DAY. oh but his socks and underwear are clean.


Lacy - posted on 07/02/2009




Tell him what you did. Guys really don't realize how much there is to be done. When my man asks, I tell him (usually during chats right before bedtime). I'll go in to great detail about shopping, how many batches of clothes, doing dishes, what tantrum I had to deal with that day, etc. By the end he is so appreciative that so much is done when he gets home he gives me kisses and lets me sleep! (This is only during the summer when I'm off. I'm a teacher and during the school year he def pulls his share of duties!)


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Unofortunately the husbands who go to work everyday don't really get to see what goes on throughout the day. The best thing to do is leave both kids with daddy for a day or a couple of hours if you can't do the whole day and just get him to have a taste of it....mind you you have to make a list of things that need to be completed before you get home like cook dinner, clean house and washing all done and folded away. But we as women also need to take respect in ourselves. Although we are extremely busy, we need to be aware that the men are also busy but in a different way If we show that we can look after ourselves, then they seem to be fairly happy. so yes, in PJ's was probably not a good sign to him as it screams....I haven't been anywhere today, done much, gotten motivated. It's hard to be motivated sometimes, but you feel so much better about yourself if you try and look after yourself.

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My husband works from home, and when I was pregnant he took care of all the housework and cooking... but now that the baby's here I took all of that back on plus the baby duties. The thing is is that he is appreciative, but not helpful if that makes sense? Like the other night, I went to the grocery, came home, baby was fussing so I fixed dinner and gave him a bath simultaneously, then baby wanted fed, but daddy wanted fed too, so I made my hubby a plate, then sat down to feed the baby while my dinner got cold... I wouldn't have minded if this was an occasional thing, but I'm forever putting their needs before my own, it would just be nice if my husband would stop and say, "hey honey, let me take over the baby for a while so you can relax." usually all he says is "baby, you're the best wife ever" which is kinda nice, but I'm still busting my butt taking care of everything.

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my boyfriend is the same way...they couldn't handle the job! have no idea how much time and energy goes into cleaning a house! they think it just stays that way...yah right! i wash counters, do laundry, vaccuum and wash the table numerous tmes and i can't even count the sinks of dishes i do in a week!! they are really clueless! your doing a great job tho!

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Thank for the laugh tonight. This was wonderful. If, and only if they did our jobs for one day, they would willingly go back to work and not complain, I am sure. We have the most stressful jobs in the world and most of the time we aren't appreciated. The job does however offer the biggest rewards. I agree sometimes with my hubby, but thanks again for the laugh.

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My husband takes care of our daughter all day two days a week and he completely gets it. On the days I'm home with her and he comes home from work, at least 2-3 times a week he offers to make dinner because he says I worked all day. They really don't understand until they do it themselves.

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I just remind myself that i would much rather be home with my daughter then doing what my husband does. He works construction and im kinda weak. haha. Dont let what he says bother you. Unfortunately it's just in a mans dna to be a a$$. My husband even admits that.! If you know that you are doing plenty then thats all that matters.

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Just because we stay home doesn't mean we're not working! My husband would shoot himself if he stayed home with our son for one day. That reminds me of a story, let's see if I can get it right... A man comes home from work one day to find his kids running wild outside in their underwear. Upon entering his house, he finds a mess. There's toys all over the living room, dirty dishes in the sink, food everywhere. Thinking something bad must've happened, he rushes upstairs. He gets to the bedroom and finds his wife still in her pj's, still in bed, reading a book and eating bonbons. "What are you doing?!" he says. His wife replies: "You know how you always ask me what I did today? Well today I didn't do it!".

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I totally agree. My husband doesn't do this, but my father does. He thinks I sit on my butt all day. It really irritates me!! Although I don't think my hubby totally understands either. There are days I WISH I could go to work instead of him, and he could stay home instead of me!

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