if you're younger, will your body bounce back easier?

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I'm about to be 20 on November 15th, and my baby boy is due around March 16th 2014. My sister-in-law is 23 & has a two year old and a ten month old, yet her tummy looks like she hasn't even had one. I'm so worried about my body since I've always been on the thinner side (but i have a little bit of belly). I would like some input from mothers who had children around my age. Is there anything I can do before i give birth (besides walking & water) to help me afterwards???


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Yea I think it really depends on if you are in shape, how much you gain during pregnancy, your body type. My sister also had her kids young and she didnt get a stretch mark and she doesnt look like she had kids, she bounced back, she did exercise and worked hard for that. As to me I had my son at 21, I was in great shape when I got pregnant, but during preg. I gained a lot of weight, my belly did get huge and I got a lot of stretch marks on my belly. Afterwards I did lose 25 pounds, but I was very swollen ad breastfeeding helped lose weight. But I havent taken care of my body as I should have. I gained 80 pounds during pregnancy and now I am 24 and I have just started back exercising and since baby now have lost 55 pounds of it, Ive got 25 to go, but wish I would ahve started way earlier.
Make sure you keep in shape afterwards, take very good care of your body and have a well balanced diet, and you should be fine. As for the belly, like me, I got a lot of stretch marks, and that will never go away, but gradually losing this weight, my stomach is smaller but I still have loose skin, thats just something I have to embrace. Its easy to cover up, and not something that is horribly troublesome. I say dont worry, just try to keep as healthy as you can , dont stress about losing, just make sure you lose it if any need to be when you are ready, dont wait as long as I did

April - posted on 11/12/2013




I had kids young, i had my daughter at 19 and my son at 21... my body pretty much went back to the way it was before i was pregnant BUT i worked hard to get it back. Don't worry too much about how you'll look afterwards, you can't be a mum without some battle scars LOL It depends on your genes really. Right now just remember you are getting a gorgeous baby boy soon and i'm pretty sure he'll occupy your mind more than how much your body will get back to shape. Hope i answered you're question :)

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